Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Shaheen's soup for tea

If anyone else follows the wonderful Allotment 2 Kitchen blog then you will probably have read about the blog's author, Shaheen, winning a Covent Garden Soup competition.
It was to create a seasonal vegetarian soup and Shaheen won with Butternut Squash & Black Turtle Bean with Jalapeno.
Here it is, I found this in Morrisons today

I was so excited to find it and how brilliant for Shaheen to have her recipe recreated by Covent Garden Soup and in the supermarkets.
It was very delicious with a kick of heat from the jalapeno which was just the thing for a chilly evening.

You can read more here and Shaheen has a link to the recipe if you'd like to try it out at home.


Crafted by Carly said...

I just popped over here from Marmalade and Catmint. And I'm very glad I did! You have a super blog here! And lots of super makes!!! I'll definitely be popping by regularly from now on.....

patty said...

Hi Carly, thank you for popping over and glad you liked my things. I will have a nosey on your blog later.

Shaheen said...

Oh blush blush - Thank you so much for the blog post, I am truly humbled. x PS Covent Garden did change the recipe a little. Gonna check out your Folksy later this evenign to feast my eyes on some exiciting and innovative creatiions. Take care x

patty said...

I loved the soup Shaheen, it was almost more tasty the more I ate as it warmed me.
Trying to find time to list new Folksy stuff I've been making.