Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Recycled Pencil Pot with Has Bean bags

Continuing my occasional series of things to make by recycling Has Bean coffee bags, see here for the wallet idea

I now present the Has Bean Coffee Bag Pencil Pot.

This is recycling at it's best, you need a clean baked bean can for your pencil pot.

A few old Has Bean coffee bags. 

A rectangle of felt cut to 23.5cm x 10.3cm (make sure it's Has Bean Red for maximum impact!), and a small piece of elastic to fasten with a button or stud.

Having cut your piece of felt to size, to fit around the can, you then cut bits of coffee bag and stitch them into whatever pattern you want directly onto the felt.

Once you've covered the piece of felt, trim off any overhanging edges so you have a nice neat rectangle again, see below.

Next you can have some fun by embellishing bits 'n' bobs onto the can wrap. I've cut some fabric coffee beans and stitched some other fabriccy bits on too.

Time to do the fastener. make a small loop with your elastic and stitch in the middle at one end but on the back of the design. To make it neat I've put a square of felt over the loose ends of the elastic.

Then attach your button or stud to the opposite end for the elastic to loop around, I found some heart shaped paper fasteners, very appropriate for the coffee we love!

Et voila! that's it, your wrap is all ready to pop around that old recycled can and make a lovely new pencil pot. Or coffee tool pot!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Brilliant Sally!!! :)
V x

Anne said...

Looks fantastic Sally, you have a very creative mind, I would never have thought of anything like that!!