Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More Valentine brooches & hankie craft

As you might have noticed I've been fiddling around with the look of my blog. I realise now why I don't change it very often because on Monday morning I decided to pop a new header on the blog. What started out as a 10 minute job turned into a 2 hour hassle. I don't know if it's because the internet connection is so slow here or what but I inserted the header and then lost all my gadgets and widgets at the side. The layout was not playing ball, I finally found my list of followers, blog archives etc but could not get them in the right position, I was going round and round in circles wishing I'd never changed things. Fonts would not stay at the right size, colour and so it went on. I was beyond reverting so kept battling away until I got to where I am now and sort of ok with it!

This week I've been making a few more Valentine brooches although it's getting a bit near the day I guess to actually sell any and get them mailed out in time.

These are made from scraps of fabric, ribbons and vintage braid.

I'm also keen to find a use for some of my vintage hankie collection so this is going to be either an envelope style lavender pouch or a hankie pouch!

It's not finished yet, I think maybe some lace would look nice with an embroidered initial on the front and a pretty button & loop fastener.

It's also been a week of competition entries for me, I've submitted a recycling poster, a new love letter themed fabric for the Spoonflower contest tomorrow and I'm trying to do a ukelele poster for Friday. Might show if it looks ok!


Louise said...

Aah yes, I am always messing about rearranging my blog, very time consuming. I like your brooches they remind me of the badges that you sew on, very clever.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your new look is great Sally! I must admit when I want to change something , I place it in the hands of my son for fear of losing the whole thing!
Your brooches are lovely and I think suitable for year round wearing and not just for Valentines.
Good luck with the competition!
V xxx

lavender attic said...

I love your new header. I'm always umming and aahing about my header and font etc too - and always find it takes so long to get it right!

lavender attic said...

Hi again...Have just had a peruse of your Folksy shop and have had to have that Flamborough gadget case!
I am also going to send you some vintage hankies that you may give a new lease of life to! (I would also like to commission something for my daughter's 18th in July if that's ok)

Anne said...

I really love the new look of your blog Sally but yes, it can be a pain when you try and alter anything!
Love your makes and I wish you luck in the competitions!

patty said...

Thanks everyone for taking a look and the nice comments, it's made all the faffing about worthwhile. x