Saturday, 2 February 2013

Yarn Bomb at York Art Gallery

I arrived at York Art Gallery about an hour after opening and my first thoughts as I approached were along the lines of where is all the yarn bombing, has it started yet, what do I do?
That's not exactly what I expected, I suppose I'd hoped to see swathes of coloured knitted squares and things.

As I got to the front steps I started to see a few things tied around columns and railings and of course there was a groovy bike which I think you usually see at these things.

I took a few squares and things but I wasn't sure if anyone from the gallery was involved with where you tied things, clearly not, and I hadn't left tails on my knitting so I was a bit stuffed for tieing them to columns. I thought they might have had string or something available. I also thought they needed a sandwich board or something outside telling you what to do or what was going on, it didn't seem to be promoted too well.
I saw a lady wandering around with a lovely big knitted flower but she didn't seem to know where she could stick it.

Here are some of the best bits, there wasn't that much there even after I had been in the gallery and spent a couple of hours in the vicinity.

This brolly was all knitted

These pigeons were sweet, I think they were done by the lady who planned this yarn bomb.

I like this owl one on a column

Below is my rubbishy little flower, I had also left a few squares spiked on railings.

Inside the gallery a whole lot more activity was going on with people doodling, scribbling and even doing good pieces of art.

I took my little friend Bob and he did a self portrait!

We later went back to colour it when we found some crayons.

Kids were having great fun scribbling and the Northern Potters were there too so you could dabble with clay.

Like I say, some people were working on masterpieces.

I also scribbled one of my little birdies, notice how I haven't drawn my stuff next to any of the good stuff, I went amongst the kids drawings to try and make mine look a bit better!

This post is getting rather long but I have to show you these wonderful patchwork textile pieces which are still on display at the gallery.
The wall hangings are regional interpretations, first off, Wales


Northern Ireland

Think this one was Yorkshire & Cleveland

And lastly, one gallery room is showing a York version of a Bayeux tapestry with all the segments submitted by community artists and schools.

It was all very interesting even if the yarn bombing wasn't as plentiful as hoped, I think it may not have been promoted enough. 
The gallery will close and re-open in 2015.

Thank you for sticking this to the end if you have !!!


Crafty in the Med said...

hello Patty

I personally liked your birdy and of course Bob.....I mean what would an art display be like without BOB!

The knitted brolly is impressive and the pigeons so creative.
However those wall hanging are!

I'd say its all about participating and not if you are a fantastic artist or not. Personally I think some of the things they call art I call rubbish but ... its all in the eye of the beholder!

keep well

Amanda :-)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So glad o see NI represented in the wall hangings, good old Finn McCool! :)
Shame more people didn't know about the yarn bombing, there were some good things though, love the umbrella and the pigeons!
At least the scribbling was a success, just shows everyone wants to be a graffiti artist, so glad Bob made an appearance! ;)
V xxx

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
I wanted to come along but I have done my back in and can't drive. I did see a few publicity posters around York, but I agree it all looked a bit tame, not the riot of crochet and knitting I's expected! The pigeons were lovely though, and I bet it feels nice to have immortalised Bob in such a beautiful building! I wonder if all those kids went home and carried on their creativity on the walls at home...eeeek?!?
Sally x

patty said...

Bob thanks all his well wishers! He had fun!
Interesting comments folks, seems the brolly and the pigeons went down well, and the wall hangings.