Friday, 1 February 2013

Woolly attack on York tomorrow!

I think I need to let my hair down and go for some creative fun tomorrow at the Yarn Bomb York event. 

It's been a week I don't like, my car service and MOT always falls at the end of Jan when the weather is most grim & where you are wandering around the streets waiting for your car to be done.
It started with the service last weekend in the thick snow and it scraped through with no extra work but an advisory warning about the brakes, tyres, battery, I guess non of this is a surprise with a 10 yr old car which hasn't had any major problems or work done to it since new.
Anyway yesterday was the MOT which I expected it to fail on the brakes but surprise of surprises it passed, apparently the brake issue was not so bad as first expected. At least I have my wheels back and freedom again so I can decide to get the brakes sorted at my convenience now.

Without my car I'm not within walking distance or bus stop distance of any facilities so I really do feel trapped in this awful house so today I breathe a big sigh of relief.
It's February, the sun is out and I hope we are through the worst of the weather now although Feb can be pretty horrible too!

So the Yarn Bombing thing is something I've only seen or read about on the internet and not experienced, I'm not sure what to expect and if it's way too busy I might just have a brief look and not get out a little knitted square I'll rustle up to take.
The other thing I'm interested in is scribbling on the walls inside the gallery. With the gallery closure for refurbishment they are inviting people to go into the shell of the building and doodle on the walls before they look up the doors for good. Again, not sure what to expect so would be worthwhile getting some photos to make sense of it.

Have a good weekend everyone! x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Cars are a money guzzling nightmare, aren't they!
I think a weekend of yarn bombing and wall scribbling are just what you need Sally!!
Have fun. :)
V xxx

Anne said...

The yarnbombing in York sounds fun.I hope you are going to take lots of pics for us all to see.Have fun!