Thursday, 21 February 2013

My week - Stoats, Harris Tweed, Veg, Makes

I'm definitely less motivated to blog when the weather is cold and grey but I'm trying to keep up with one post a week.

The week started with a visit from one of the stoats, I go for weeks without seeing them and then all of a sudden you see a flash of movement outside and the little mischief maker is there.
This was a particularly cute stoat, almost two tone and I only got one reasonable photo as it darted off pretty quick.

I seem to remember the sun was out on Tuesday when I went to Beverley and I found a couple of lovely fat quarters and some ribbon on my travels.

The fruit and veg section in Morrisons is really interesting now it has been upgraded and I've probably mentioned before the dry ice being piped over the food to chill it.
I'll really miss Morrisons when I eventually move to an area I know there will be none, I've shopped in Morrisons since student days at the one which used to be in Leeds Merrion Centre.

Lots of interesting things, I don't like aubergines but they had many varieties including this Graffiti Aubergine, maybe I should give aubergine a try again, I think it's the texture I don't like.

I have completed a few 'makes' this week. Firstly Mr Bob the Bunny has a new chum.

As yet un-named as he is a gift. The boys and I are going on a trip on Saturday so all will be revealed what we get up to after that!

I've also finished a few brooches.

And finally, a lovely package arrived today, I ordered some Harris Tweed samples from one of the mills in Tarbert and here they are, the colours are wonderful and much nicer than the photo shows.

Some of the bits are small so I will have to put some thought into my brooch making before I cut into them.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

That tweed is gorgeous, I do love your tweedy brooches. :)
My hubby doesn't like aubergine either so I rarely have it but I do like a bit of moussaka, I have to say!
That stoat is just the cutest little thing, I do hope he stays away from the bunnies though. Speaking of bunnies, love Bob's new mate. :)
V xxx

Louise said...

I do enjoy a trip to Beverley. Love the tweed brooches.

Anne said...

Loving your makes as always Sally. I especially loved the photo of the stoat, a very good shot considering the speed with which these little creatures move!

Crafty in the Med said...

when you have a minute pop into my blog there is a little something there for you.

keep well

Amanda :-)