Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cafe Chocolat, Hornsea

Today I went to take some photos of a church for a work project I've got coming up and it wasn't too far from Hornsea so I decided on a quick visit to the Freeport. Recent news that Freeport is having financial difficulties was confirmed by my visit. I haven't seen it this quiet on a Saturday before and now the Laura Ashley fabric shop has gone there's not that much to interest me. I came away thinking the days are numbered and this could be another big loss for Hornsea.

Went into the town afterwards and to the Cafe Chocolat. I haven't been to the cafe since it moved from the old premises so I was looking forward to giving it a try.
I had a dark chocolate hot chocolate which was nice but nothing amazingly special. For me 'amazingly special' is the chocolate shop & cafe in Strathpfeffer called Maya, Maya have the best hot chocolate & chocolates I've ever tasted. The shop's owner Fabienne De Mulder is a master chocolatier from Belgium so I think she knows her stuff. If you are a bit of a chocoholic like me do go and visit if you are in that part of the Highlands but check opening times as it can be a bit seasonal.

Anyway I've digressed from Chocolat in Hornsea. The nice thing as you'll see in the picture is the fact they use alot of Hornsea pottery, I think I might have been more interested in their collection of pots than the chocs on this occasion!
You still get a complimentary chocolate when you leave and I bought a small selection too.
However, I think the cafe itself has lost some of the character and quirkiness of the old premises. I can appreciate they needed a much bigger shop but before it was more of a chocolate shop with a couple of tables for coffee, now it is more a cafe with only a small cabinet of chocolates. The emphasis seemed to have flipped and I think I preferred it before it moved.


Blossom said...

Yumyumyummmmm-chocolate-mmyumyumyum. Strange how your tastes change as you grow, though. I used to be a Cadbury's kid and nothing but (apart from Maltesers) but then places started selling continental stuff and that opened my tastebuds up completely. Although this does mean I eat less chocolate than before, but of much better quality.
And about Freeport, to save me a possible wasted journey, is the book/art supplies still there?

patty said...

The chocs in the photo have now been scoffed and I have to say they were a bit ordinary and actually quite a disappointment from the first time I visited Chocolat (a few years ago).
I'd say that Thorntons Continentals are much better.
Is it me or are Maltesers tasting sweeter these days? I used to enjoy nibbling the chocolate off and enjoying the malt bit on its own, hope that doesn't sound foul! Do you remember Horlicks tablets as we are on about malty sweets?
Yes at Freeport the cheapy bookshop with the art stuff is still there so maybe check it out and see what stock they've got for if it does all shut and they start selling things off.

Blossom said...

Cheers for Freeport into - better get on in there!
Maltesers eaten that way? Surely it's the only way....actually no, sometimes you have to suck all the chocolate off and let the malty centre just dissolve, eventually. And if you got the odd one or two that had a soggy malty centre - yippee!
Horlicks tablets were regarded as grown-ups version of maltesers. Used to be carried in handbags as a mini-energy boost. What an excuse!