Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Samphire for tea

I nearly forgot about these, lurking in the fridge, 2 packs of Samphire which I also purchased at the food and chocolate day in York.
Samphire is a type of edible, seaweedy-ish plant found growing in coastal areas. This variety being Salt Marsh Samphire.

When I was young we used to go gathering it at Stoney Creek, not far from where we lived and also on days out to Spurn Point just before summer holidays ended you could usually find plenty. After scrubbing it we would always preserve and pickle ours and it was quite delicious.
The picking of samphire came to an end one year when there was a fair bit of oil being washed up along the Humber and the plants didn't clean up well enough to consider eating.

I was delighted to find it on the stall at the weekend even though it's travelled all the way from Lancashire. This pack suggests steaming and serving with lemon so as I haven't tried it like that and there's hardly enough to pickle, it will be steamed. I think mushroom and chestnut pot pies will be a nice thing to go along side it.

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