Thursday, 24 September 2009

Look at what you can get for 20p!

My patience has been tested today, just about to go out for some petrol and the car broke down, or rather wouldn't start. I could certainly do without this as I've got to use the car tomorrow for a college trip to the museums in Hull.
Anyway a helpful recovery man was able to sort it out and suggested giving it a bit of a run out to burn off surplus fuel so I took the opportunity to visit Burton Agnes again and see the textile artists.

I came away very inspired by their work and the variety of effects and techniques you can apply to fabrics.
I also visited the farmers' shop which is sometimes a bit hit and miss but today they had some lovely fruit & veg from the Hall gardens and I was amazed to get this unusual cauliflower for only 20p. They had full cucumbers for 10p in some wonderful curly mis-shapes which wouldn't get near a supermarket shelf. I got all the bits shown on the photo for £2.50 which I didn't think was bad and now the oven is about back to normal I'm looking forward to cooking up decent food again.


Blossom said...

Hooray for working ovens!!!
That cauli looks amazing - looks like the Fibonacci swirl construction you see on a pineapple. Or does a cauli always grow like that? (I know little of what I speak - who is Fibonacci....?!) I think it deserves preserving in some form, drawing or painting or - how's your ceramics going?

patty said...

Hi B,
Yes it's a lovely cauli isn't it, too nice for eating but I guess I'll get a nice photo before consuming. Don't mention Fibonacci, I had a client wanting that type of construction in a logo last year and goodness me was that a tricky job!
Not able to do much on the ceramics front these days. Looks like a fair bit of writing and research for the textile course now that is underway, been to the museums in Hull today as part of the first project.
Also got to get making craft stuff for a christmas craft fair and a deadline of Oct 6th for getting my art in the garden artworks done for the exhibition mid Oct, busy times.
Have a good weekend.