Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hand painted egg cups

It's amazing what you find when you aren't looking.

Last night I had a big spider incident, I hate spiders but especially when I find them in the bedroom as even when I catch them it disrupts my sleep. I have one of those spider sucking, vacuum things and I can honestly say I've had my moneys worth out of it catching the horrible multi legged things in this house!

Anyway the spider has made me dust down some boxes and plastic crates and that is where I found some hand painted wooden egg cups I did back in 1987.

Fairly fresh out of college I used to try and make extra bits of money through selling crafty things. Back then there was a brilliant, cheapo kitchen shop in Hull called Crackpots and you could pick up plain pine egg cups for pennies. I painted lots of different themes and some had 3D bits and texture added (like the pencil one & the witch).
I used to sell my egg cups in a shop in York called Crafts of Britain on Walmgate, it closed many years ago as did Crackpots. The egg cups sold pretty well, of course I never got the money back to cover the effort which went into painting them but it was good fun.

The photos show the remains of the stock which I had left, not in too bad condition for their age and my favourites are the Beatles ones.


Blossom said...

Brilliant! I can see these going a bomb on Etsy! Really impressed with the Beatles ones - but love the toilet one. (Oh dear, I think I've just given away more of my character insights than intended. Oops)

patty said...

Somehow I thought the toilet one might make you chuckle!
It would be good to try them on Etsy but I suppose I stopped doing them when I couldn't source the plentiful and cheap plain wooden egg cups. Sometimes you find the odd one in charity shops but I guess I've moved on to pastures new in the craft world.