Thursday, 10 September 2009

Raku & Smoke Firing day

Yesterday I went to help Penny for a smoke firing and raku session. Lots of pieces needed to go through the kiln ready for an exhibition she has at the weekend so we had quite a production line going.
Some pieces were glazed with the copper coloured raku glaze, some partly glazed and the surplus scraped back (they didn't come out too good so no pics), and other bits smoke fired.

It was quite exhausting and we stunk like bonfire night with all that smoke and ash flying about, the weather was great for it though.

I got to smoke my goose and the other little raku vase you see here is a gift from Penny for going to help. Isn't it a lovely concoction of colours and sparkly bits, she created and distorted this from an initial extruded piece.

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