Thursday, 18 March 2010

Demolition & old buildings

There's something quite interesting about seeing the demolition of an old, unsightly building. Of course it doesn't always mean that something better will appear in its place!
I saw this coming down in Hull yesterday, just off Albion St. The photos may provide me with some ideas for some artwork along the theme of decay and destruction.

Whilst on the subject of old buildings, I noticed this one still standing, also in the Albion St area. I took a couple of pics purely to remember some ideas a friend and I had to turn the building into something interesting. Back in 1990 we put down ideas and drawings to turn the building into a vibrant arts centre with craft outlets, gallery, cafe and a small green garden area to create a bit of an oasis in the city for folk to sit and have some quiet time contemplating. I can't remember if we ever submitted this to the council but it seemed a good idea at the time and 20 years on the building is still sat redundant despite millions being pumped into Hull for regeneration!

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