Wednesday, 28 April 2010

First textile exam over, 2 to go.

I easily managed to complete my exam task on Monday. This was in part because I had been told from a few weeks back that the duration was 2 hrs, however when I got there they were giving us 3 hrs and I guess taking time off the next 2 slots. One of the annoying things throughout this course is that as I only go on a Monday and the others are there during the week, changes in information rarely to get to me if things change on the days I'm not there. If I'd known this exam slot was 3 hrs I could've had the more complex project with me. It's not on really when I've paid good money for the course and a 2 minute email would have let me know the times had changed. Whilst having a moan I don't think I'd recommend this course, it's pretty disorganised, I don't think it works as a part time course, there just isn't time to do things. There are things I've missed which the others have done during the week which I wanted to do, learn some new knitting skills, weaving and heat fusing fabrics, non of which I've done. Infact I've learnt very few new things.
So, having devised a project which would take me 2 hrs I dragged it out to 3 so as I wasn't twiddling my thumbs. Of course the knock on effect means I'll have to adapt my next 2 tasks for if there is less time. 

My project for this session was to make a poppy pod brooch from scratch. The only bit I pre-prepared was the main pod which is a felt ball I made and dyed green. I embellished the pod with a few beads on top for the seeds bursting from the pod effect.

The next exam projects will be a wristband, a neckpiece and if there's time a purse. I've designed some fabric and if the teacher can get it printed for me on some cotton then I will be able to use it in the purse.

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