Thursday, 1 April 2010

Paper Button Flowers

I'm trying to create flowers at the moment in fabric and paper. These may well evolve into a textile project although so far the paper ones are turning out better. I found these jolly and quirky paper flowers to make from newsprint via the blog below:

Made a collection of them and will try to do a fabric version later.
The pipecleaner stalks were one of my last ever purchases from Woolworths!


shortlegs the sheep said...

Have at last caught up with the blogs! Loved your visit to YSP - my favourite watering hole we live very close and it is the dogs favourite walk - although the bottom end west bretton country park followed by coffee in the cafe - love the balcony and sitting looking out.
Your stuff looks good - i am busy getting things made for craft fairs - seem to be quite a lot here. Have been to west wales and touring round the woollen mills - oh my!! Big bags of beautiful double sided tweed - tell you more later when i have made some bits up! Hope you are well - take care x

patty said...

Hi Leda
Good to hear from you, was wondering how things were going.
I loved the YSP, how fab it being on your doorstep so to speak. Was a bit too cold for the balcony when I was there but the cafe and the building are just great places.
I'll look forward to seeing what you've been making with your Welsh tweed finds.
Good luck with the craft fair preparations.