Thursday, 22 April 2010

Prep for Textile Course exam

On Monday it is the first of 3 textile exams, the others being in May. We are able to do a certain amount of preparation in relation to our project beforehand, but making up the pieces and embellishing has to be done on the day.
I have decided to make a series of accessories which were going to be a brooch, neckpiece / collar and a wrist cuff type thing.

Have been trying to get the brooch idea to work in practise today but its all gone horribly wrong. I made a large scale version the other week which was ok but having scaled it down to brooch size it's not going to work. I had a plan B but that's gone splat too. Usually I leave things til last minute and that would make it my own fault but I've had loads of work pile in the last fortnight and simply lack of hours in the day has lead to lack of preparation time.

One of the pieces I hope I'm still on track with, the wrist cuff, has involved some fabric weaving which I have pictures of here. This woven fabric I've made will form part of the design, it will also feature some felt I've made with some embellishing.

I have also to document all this preparation and to write evaluations on why the things that are going splat are going splat. Unfortunately this only adds to the diminishing hours left until the exam on Monday.
All I can say is the pleasure seems to have gone out of the course at the moment and roll on Tuesday when I've got the first stage over with!

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