Monday, 19 April 2010

Hornsea Pottery AGM

Yesterday was the AGM at Hornsea, the weather was lovely for a spin out to the coast and it was quite a good turnout.

On the auction table was an Aphrodite vase which is one of those items I'd desperately like for my collection but they often go for about £50 on Ebay. I went in the bidding for it but I only had a certain amount of cash with me so I lost out. Oh well, I'm sure there is one out there somewhere with my name on it!
I did however secure a set of Contrast dinner plates in the auction in excellent condition and a plant pot with sunflowers which is very groovy from 1965, I thought I was going to lose out on that too but I was lucky to get it.

I did come away with arms full of pots because a man had a stall with everything £1 on it so I stocked up on some bits I hadn't got and some additions to collections, seen here in the pics.

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