Saturday, 17 April 2010

York, coffee and a purse

Went to York this morning, had 4 hrs parking to do some errands and see as many open studios as possible. Time soon disappeared walking between one studio to another and the one I saved til last was the most difficult one to find and I nearly gave up but pleased I didn't (the map wasn't very accurate).

I saw about half a dozen artists, first on the list was Mark Hearld as he is always busy (people were waiting to get in and it was not long after opening), I got to see some of his fabric designs on this visit which was great. Saw a few other people in the centre and the one I had trouble finding but I really loved her work was Petra Bradley

Petra was doing print work and textiles, she uses lots of recycled and vintage fabric which was wonderful. I purchased this purse which she had screen printed and made up. The other spooky thing, she is a collector of Hornsea Pottery which is strange as tomorrow I am going to the Hornsea AGM.

The trip was completed by a visit to the Coffee Emporium and I've got some El Salvador & Guatemalan to try.

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