Sunday, 25 April 2010

Taking a break at the seaside!

Have managed a couple of brief breaks from the textile study and preparation.
Friday night went to Scarborough for a stroll, Roasters was open to get a takeaway so I tried a Nicaraguan coffee which was good but not as good as a Guatemalan I was very impressed with at Harlequin last week. I'm not sure the young girl serving quite knew how to do a ground coffee for takeaway purposes, she seemed to faff about with the cafetiere, plunging and then lifting it up again to add more water..... quite bizarre!

Anyway my other trip out was Brid yesterday morning. Had an early start as the weather was good and the day trippers would be piling in by 11 and I'd want to be back home by then. The plan was to try a new coffee shop, Coffee Coast on S. Marine Drive. It was nice inside and I felt confident that the coffee would be good as they had Coopers barista training certificates on the wall. Yes, the coffee was good and even better bumped into a couple of chums who were making their way to the same cafe. Good coffee and good company, a great way to start the day.

Here are some jolly pictures of the seaside with highly adjusted contrast to add to the drama! I love the opulent decoration & typefaces used on the old carousel horse rides.

Back to the textiles now!

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