Sunday, 20 June 2010

Crochet - ripple pattern

I've seen the ripple pattern in quite a few places recently, books, blogs, magazines etc. and thought how lovely it looks and I'd like a go. Anyway got a book from the library which had many combinations of ripples done into cushion covers and blankets which all looked fab but I struggled to follow the patterns.
I then remembered hearing about the blog Attic 24 and how the lady who writes the blog is a bit of a whiz with the crochet hook so I clicked on and she has some wonderful and easy to follow tutorials.
This is where I finally sussed out how to do a ripple so I am grateful to Attic 24.

I made this small sample and then stitched it into a little drawstring pouch. It's quite a nice, therapeutic pattern to follow once you get going and it seems to work well with any colour combination to give a groovy result.

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