Sunday, 13 June 2010

First sample from the Aeropress

Have christened the Aeropress at elevenses this morning. There are so many variables in creating a good coffee and I now have a few of those under control. Obviously got the Aeropress, purchased a digital timer yesterday, cranked up a new water filter in the Brita and thats pretty much the easy part. The not so controlable bit is the existing grinder I have which is fairly basic in the settings, and the supermarket bought beans which I need to use up before ordering some quality ones from roasteries I've had recommended by Youri.

Anyway the Aeropress was great to use and the first espresso through was not bad at all, maybe a bit sharp which suggests I had ground the beans a tad too fine. 
The Aeropress is a joy to clean out, much easier than a cafetiere. It's an impressive piece of kit for under £25.

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