Friday, 8 July 2011

Good coffee shop in S. Wales

Whenever on my travels I am always keen to champion local produce & good eateries etc. so there will be a few food and drink posts following my recent trip to South Wales.

I'll start with coffee because finding a good coffee shop is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unless you've had one recommended, and a good source of info for that is the Cosy Coffee Shops blog, the best way I've found is searching the net and seeking out reviews. 
I stayed just outside Monmouth and my research had pulled up Coffee#1 as the place to seek out.

First looked through the window when it was closed in the evening and the signs were good. There was no pre-ground coffee sat festering to be served up the next day. Tasteful and relaxing decor and nice menu of snacks.
Next morning visited about 9.30am and it was already doing a brisk trade, popular with locals and for take-outs. I tried a cappuccino and an espresso (nice touch with bottled Welsh water to help yourself to), both coffees were excellent tasting and not those over roasted dark beans a lot of places serve.
The cakes looked fabulous, I opted for the homemade Welsh cakes (as did most who came in), only 50p each and they were delic! some of the best I've had.

Coffee#1 is actually a small chain of cafes in the South West so I can only comment about the Monmouth one but having visited it a few times on my trip with consistently good coffee, they are cleary good at what they do and have well trained baristas.


Richard said...

I've been there, had a nice espresso!

Anonymous said...

Cakes for 50p! Wonderful. :)
Vivienne x