Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hornsea pottery from Sledmere car boot

I'm not much of a one for car boot sales because round here they are usually a bit frantic and full of junky stuff. But I did make a last minute decision this morning to head off to the Sledmere Stately car boot sale. 

I have to say it is probably the best car boot I've every been to with stallholders from as far north as Northumbria & south to London. You know how usually you find one or two good stalls, well today I found stall after stall of interesting things. The stalls pretty much fell into the categories of antiques, vintage, retro and agricultural tools as opposed to junk out of someone's loft. I found the odd peculiar stall too, a stall with little wooden cabinets filled with antique pharmaceutical and dental tools. A lady with just irons you heat on the fire and vintage pot jug hot water bottles. I had to refrain from buying Snoopy things as I said to myself just useful fabric & Hornsea pots today.

There was plenty to whet my appetite on the pottery stalls. Poole pottery, 1960's groovy floral Carnaby but no prices and I was running out of cash when I saw those but I did find some nice Hornsea pieces. Lots of it about today and some very over priced but I got the best bargain of all with the blue Heirloom casserole dish for £4 and it's immaculate and I had no blue Heirloom. I got a single Cornrose espresso cup to go with one I already had and the other 2 pieces, vase & a mug, I need to research in my book.

There was plenty of vintage fabric knocking about and embroidered tray cloths, I also got a few vintage hankies and a couple of brooches, and the vintage flour bags.

It was all very nice and refined being at a stately home with no pushing or shuvving to grab bargains. Well worth the £3 to get in and had the weather held you could easily make a day of it with a picnic in the grounds as some people were doing.

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Anonymous said...

The flour bags are lovely, a very lucky find. You did well, all you ever get here is the junk out of someones attic!!
Vivienne x