Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lavender bag fabric fish

Earlier in the year I was in a gallery gift shop with a friend and she saw some knitted fish which she liked, they were quite groovy and urban looking, done in metallic threads. I flippantly said something like 'I'll make you one for your birthday' rather than paying the huge price tag on them!

Anyway about 5 months on and with my friends birthday rapidly approaching in August, the knitted fish isn't exactly happening! There was little chance of me knitting one with my skills but I thought if I could find a pattern for a crocheted fish then at least I stood a chance. My search for a crochet fish pattern has proved unsuccessful so I set about Plan B, a fabric fish. 
I thought I'd stuff it with lavender and then at least it has a purpose as there may be some disappoint when she opens the pressie and finds no knitted fish staring back at her!

So here's my fish, I used an old calendar tea towel for the back and highlighted her birthdate in embroidery silk. The front is a recycled tray cloth with a few embellishments added.


Anonymous said...

It looks great Sally, I think the calendar on the back is a clever idea!
I've been thinking if I have a fish knitting pattern but I can't recall one.
Vivienne x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne, not sure I could follow a knitting pattern even if one miraculously appeared with a fish design. I did think of doing squares and molding them into a fishy shape.