Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Vegetarian cafe in Lampeter

Back to my Wales postings and continuing that popular subject of food.
On this particular trip I have to say that all the research I did beforehand actually paid off and every place I visited came over and above expectations which is rarely the case when I visit new places. 

The one place on my list which was purely a veggie cafe, as opposed to a cafe selling veggie options was the delightful Mulberry Bush in Lampeter.  It was above an organic wholefood shop (also run by the same people). 
The cafe was bright and airy, the walls covered in interesting art, good start!
The food list was simple but then I'm a great believer to offer less choice and do it well, than huge lists of stuff, most of which are unmemorable.
I had the Homity pie with a selection of salads, all were great and I particularly liked the orange coloured one on the right which was a couscous and almond salad.

It was a good sized portion and despite being comfortably full, I took the decision to have a pudding as I might not eat later that day and probably wouldn't be back in Lampeter for a while. What a good reason to indulge in the vegan chocolate slice! It was lovely, not too sweet, mellow and creamy in a chocolatey sort of way.

Do visit the Mulberry Bush if you go to Lampeter. The shop in the downstairs looked to have great produce.

Here is a link to a classic Cranks homity pie if anyone wants to try it.


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Anonymous said...

Mmmm that all does look good, especially the pudding. :)
Vivienne x