Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crochet cherries & another strange knitted rabbit!

The internet is working, ... slow, but working, so I'll do a quick post.
I'm going to reveal another one of my strange knitted rabbits because it made me laugh when I started stitching it together!

It looks a bit like a snow-rabbit, I think the arms are too long but then of course there's no pattern to it, it's just rectangles stitched together. I fancy stitching some wings and turning her into an angel-rabbit, I think that might be fun.

Fingers crossed it looks like the knitting course is still going to run on Saturday so I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully I might have some new knitting skills by this time next week.

Slightly more successful is this little crochet cherry brooch. I can't remember if I have posted it before as I made it some months ago but I am just about to stitch a pin on and make a brooch for my sister.
It really is quite small as you can see from the 10p on the 2nd picture, I crocheted it with some thick embroidery silks. Probably won't do any more this size as it's really too fiddly and uses a 1.5 hook.


Richard said...

That knitted thing looks scary. I get the feeling there is something going on behind those eyes. Rabbits with arms? Next they'll have fingers and be writing a blog!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the bunny and I think wings would look great!
Enjoy the knitting and have a great weekend,
V x

BeckyWise. said...

The crocheted cherries are so sweet! I wish I could crochet!!
-Becky :)