Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bob's been to Scarborough again!

It's been quite a busy end to my week. Thursday and Friday saw me delivering and then collecting a selection of my textile artwork for assessment in order to be re-admitted as a full member of East Riding Artists. The work is assessed by people such as museum curators, college lecturers and then we get to know in about a week if we are successful. I have submitted myself as a textile artist this time rather than a digital artist so we'll see what happens!
It's a weird selection process because you don't necessarily get in if your work is good, some excellent artists have been turned down. Maybe it comes down to personal taste of the assessors.

I was up early today as I had to take my car to Scarborough for it's MOT and service, this is always a bit of a pain as the MOT falls in the middle of winter and I usually find myself traipsing around in the cold for half a day whilst it's done. I was lucky this year as the sun was shining in Scarborough, chilly though.

I took Bob the Bunny and the night before we had searched Trip Advisor to see if there was a nice cafe we could kill a bit of time in. I found 2 which sounded good and not your usual seaside greasy spoon. The one I went for as I came to it first was Eat Me cafe, near the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

It was quite nice inside, calming shades of grey, interesting artwork and a friendly atmosphere.

It's gets better, when the tea came just look at the lovely tea cosies, Bob was impressed with the knitting!

I'd read they do a good mushrooms on toast and as there wasn't much time for breakfast this morning, mushrooms was my food of choice. 

Wow this was such a substantial plate full and it was devine, I felt like I'd gone to mushroom heaven, the creamed sauce was delicious, the bread was just lovely. My dining partner had the veggie breakfast which was equally good. 
Eat Me cafe was a little gem of a place, highly recommended and I will look forward to going again.

Other lovely things I found in Scarborough were fabric.... but not to buy this time! Quite expensive interior fabric which I snapped through the shop windows.

I bought some wool in a really good craft shop I hadn't been in before, despite the lady saying she'd been there for 9 years! These 2 balls of patterned wool were cheaper than I saw in a shop in York last week.

I also bought a really small crochet hook as I'm having a go at the wrist warmers in the current Mollie Makes, I've made a start when I got back this afternoon, wonder how long these will take or if I'll stick it out..... watch this space for progress!

Not a bad morning, car done by lunch time & scraped through the MOT so it'll keep me a going a bit longer. 
Time to relax now with the coffee machine and a Creme Egg!


grace said...

Glad your car passed (just had a huge bill for ours!) Hope your submission is successful and what a brilliant teapot cover! Superb day

Scarlet said...

I'm going to Scarborough for a weekend in March so will give this cafe a try. I used to live in Driffield when I was a child ( my Mum and Grandma were both born there). I introduced hubby to the East Coast many years ago, and both our girls loved it when they were children. We visit as often as we can, even though I'm now an adopted Lancastrian!

lavender attic said...

Bob looks lovely in front of that blue tea cosy! Food looked good in the cafe too, must visit Scarboro' this year and have a rediscovery and mooch...I am a Filey/Brid/Hornsea girl never been too keen on Scarboro, not sure why. I bet Driffield charity shops are good too. Hope you're well and got your lovely work accepted x

patty said...

Hi Scarlet, yes I'd recommend the cafe if you get to Scarborough and another one I was going to look for that sounds good is Cafe View. You'll find them both and probably the addresses on Trip Advisor. How spooky you lived in Driff, I bet it hasn't changed much.

Hi Sally, I like Filey too, we used to take our caravan when I was a kid. The thing I prefer in Scarbro to Brid is the hillyness and the public gardens. If you go seek out The Sewing Centre on Aberdeen Walk for an amazing choice of fabric although I know you are not supposed to be buying fabric this year!
Fingers crossed about the artwork!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Those mushrooms on toast look yummy and how lovely to get a tea cosy.
The wristwarmers are very pretty, looking forward to seeing how you get on with them.
Hope all goes well with the assessors but I'm sure it will.
I bought some Creme eggs yesterday too, my husband had to have his straight away but I still have mine and I'm going to enjoy eating it in front of him tonight while watching Dancing on Ice! ;)
Vivienne x

BeckyWise. said...

The tea cosy looks lovely and I like the bird fabric, it looks so sweet and pretty!
I see Mollie Makes is out, it's a great magazine! I'm going to try and learn to knit better this year!
- Becky x

Anne said...

Hi just letting you know I have nominated your lovely blog for the versatile blogger award.Check out my blog for full detailsX

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Hi just found your lovely blog, Bob is really cute and that mushrooms on toas look divine, I could just jump in the piccy and eat them!. Julie