Saturday, 21 January 2012

Knitting in York & lovely haberdashery

I'm pleased to say that the knitting course in York went ahead this morning with 5 of us attending.
The courses are held inside Me & Mrs Fisher cafe which I hadn't been to before but the building is a recogniseable sight in York as it is inside the 'Bile Beans' building.

On my walk there I saw this unusual curved building which I haven't particularly noticed before on Monkgate Bar.

Also saw these nice flowery pots in a shop nearby, I think it was Avoca pottery.

Back to the course. It's up above the cafe with a view across to the walls and the Minster which would be lovely on a fine day but it was a bit bleak and blustery.

Jo was our knitting teacher and this is the sort of thing she does, isn't this Fairisle hat beautiful. She also had some fab socks on she'd knitted.

The course was great, we all seemed at the same level and wanted to know the basics of increasing and decreasing and for me this was a major progression and achievement from my 'square knitting'.

This is the start of my increasing. I hadn't used circular needles before, I thought they were only for socks but clearly not and they were great to use, I want some.

Here's my first square, increased and decreased to create a diagonal pattern where the increase is on the end of each row. I also saw how to increase in the middle of a pattern.

I then tried 2 colours and was quite happy perfecting the increase and decrease until I felt happy I'd remembered it.

I completed this square and then amazing how time flies when you're having fun, 3 hrs had passed and that was our time up. Really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to trying my new skills out on something simple.
Jo reckons we could tackle a simple sock pattern next so that might be a course she does in the future.

I had chance for a quick look in the little haberdashery shop they also run above the cafe and it had some gorgeous things. They sell bits of vintage fabric of which I got the piece below, Liberty fabric & ribbons, Clothkits stuff, and other beautiful trimmings both new and vintage.

Didn't get chance to sample the cafe although I noticed the cakes looked delicious but I'd had a really good morning.

It got better when I got home, a new delivery of coffee beans had arrived and more fabric and trimmings, the giveaway I won from Becky's blog so thanks Becky they are lovely.


lavender attic said...

Glad you had a good time, it's a great shop isn't it? If there's a sock knitting course I wouldn't mind attending too. Would love to knit some angora socks for myself!

patty said...

Yes it was a lovely shop and if I hear about sock knitting before you do I'll keep you posted.
Nipping off to look at your afternoon tea post!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

There you go, I told you knitting was easy. Well done on your increasing and decreasing! Although I couldn't help but smile when you ended up with a square, the very thing you wanted to get away from! :) But well done Sally, you'll be making jumpers and cardi's soon!
By the way definitely Avoca pottery, they had a half price sale on that in their shop in Belfast today!
V x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne, yes funny I came home with 2 knitted samples of squares! It's quite a turning point for me although I don't think I'm ready for jumpers yet.... it's the terminology and abbreviations I need to concentrate and get my head around.
I quite liked the Avoca pots, I think there was a few pounds off the stuff in York.

BeckyWise. said...

Hello Sally, I'm so glad you like the fabric and lace!
-Becky x