Friday, 13 January 2012

Knitting next week hopefully!

I planned to go on a beginners knitting course tomorrow but when I looked at the description of the beginners and then the improvers class the week after, I started to question which would suit me best. I talked to the lady at the cafe and she thought I'd be best on the improvers class as I can at least knit & pearl.

So hopefully I will be able to get my first look at Me & Mrs Fisher cafe in York on 21st although I've been told there's only me on the course so far and it may not run if they don't get a few more bookings. Maybe some of the beginners doing tomorrows class will enjoy it so much that they jump onto improvers the next week!

Until then I'll just keep plugging away at inventing knitted things!

Not getting much crafty stuff done at the moment as quite a few design jobs have come in along with art needed for East Riding Artists. First off is a piece of artwork which follows on from the Art in the Garden visits we did last year. I'm doing a piece of digital art and I need to get it finished more or less in the next few days.

Then I have to get a selection of new work together to reapply as a full member of ERA. It is 3 years since I was accepted and every 3 you have to send fresh work for assessment and reselection. I'm changing from being a digital artist to a textile artist for this submission so it's a big unknown as to whether I will be selected. All will be revealed at the end of Jan.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I hope your class runs Sally, it's very disappointing when you're geared up for something and then it doesn't happen.
You seem to have lots on at the minute to keep you busy anyway! I'm sure ERA will be very happy to to reselect you.
Happy weekend,
V x

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Hope your class does run, I would've joined you at Me and Mrs Fisher, but it's one of my tearoom events 2-4pm. You're always welcome here if it doesn't pan out! Thanks for the link to Vivienne's Etsy shop - my gorgeous bag arrived, I'm really pleased with it. Have a lovely weekend!

Anne said...

Hi Sally, lets hope the knitting course goes ahead, but if not it would be lovely to see you at Sally from Lavender Attics tearoom event because I am going too.3 fellow bloggers together.X

patty said...

Thanks everyone for the notes. I'm feeling positive the class will run. I'd forgotten it was Sally's tea room event and I"m sure I'll get to one in the not too distant as it will be great to put names to faces. Hope the january one goes well.
Hey Sally did you buy Viviennes rose bud bag by any chance, I liked that one too, lovely aren't they.
Have a nice weekend folks!