Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frustration - Folksy & the internet

Trying to use the internet has been like pulling teeth here for the last few days and there's no sign of any let up yet.

Our service provider is Virgin Media and we suffer with very slow download speeds at the best of times, usually lucky if it's 1.3Mb/s. It's got worse since new year, I'm about 2 miles outside Driffield and BT are currently installing the high speed fibres into Driffield, this seems to be affecting our line because the last few evenings it drops off at about 9.30pm and doesn't appear whilst next morning. This is very frustrating for me as I'm a late night worker and surfer. It is doubly frustrating because when the high speed Broadband goes into Driffield, I won't benefit, only the people in the town will.

Last night I was at a ladies networking event and the speaker did a talk on social media, mainly about Google+, we all rushed off home to investigate it and guess what, the internet had gone again when I got back! Grrr!
Of course that then leads to waiting ages on the phone to try and talk to BT and then Virgin about the issues and getting no sense out of either.

Equally frustrating, yesterday I tried to list a couple of new items in my Folksy shop and the description panel kept telling me there was an invalid character but it didn't highlight what it was. I couldn't even see any odd characters like ampersands or such and I kept reloading text and pictures but with no joy. I gave up. If only the new Folksy website told you what you were doing wrong!
This morning through trial and error and no logic I have finally listed 2 new items. Tea and cupcake brooch and some knitted butterfly wrist warmers.

I feel like I've lost the will to live now as it's a constant battle at the moment to go online.
Hence I may go a bit quiet.


Rustic Vintage Country said...

I so feel for you, I can snese the frustration and admit it would drive me mad. Surely they should make sure things are ok for you in the evening, how about this 'should be getting the service you pay for and if not having something done about it' Also, what about the governments intention of having every home connected to broadband! Never tried Folksyto sell, only buy. Something to look forward to when I eventually try and sell on it. I do hope it sorts itself out for you. Suzy x

patty said...

Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes Suzy. It seems because our provider is Virgin but it goes through the BT lines, they both keep passing the book between themselves and no one is taking responsibility for any problems. Never mind getting the 24hr service we pay for! I've had a similar problem some years ago but that was when I really lived in the sticks, I thought things would be better now I live near to a town but it just shows you if you are not quite within the boundary of the upgrading.
Whilst I've limped along with slow internet all day, I've not been able to email so I can't conduct my work very well.
Anyway, I've now taken refuge in the kitchen making soup, if all else fails make soup!
As for Folksy, it is a bit slow with the sales and I've been recommended to try an Etsy shop. I think that will have to wait until I live in a new Broadband area!
Back to the soup!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

I should add a dash of something strong to the soup! actually I did just that yesterday with my pumpkin and carrot soup. As I had no cream I added a teaspoon of baileys! quite nice. I have an Etsy shop and have had a few sales, nothing spectacular but hopefully it will build up this year. Suzy x

BeckyWise. said...

I understand how you feel Sally, I've been trying to upload my new post for days but the internet keeps on acting funny and now my laptops broke down... it annoy's me very much. I've finally been able to upload it today.
On the other hand I love your handmade items, I love the pattern on your cuffs and the brooch it's absolutely gorgeous.
P.s I have packaged your fabric and will be sending it shortly. Sorry it's been longer than expected. I've been giving lots of coursework and I feel like I have a memory of a goldfish at the moment. :(
Have a lovely rest of the week
-Becky x

patty said...

Hey Becky sorry to hear about your laptop, annoying isn't it.
Thanks for sorting out the fabric, I look forward to it.
Happy week everyone. x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I feel your pain Sally! I've had no laptop this week as it has been sick, thankfully everything seems to be sorted again. It's this technology thing, it's love/hate relationship, isn't it!
As for trying to load things up and there's no apparent reason for not doing so, that drives me mad!
On the bright side your new makes are lovely. :)
V x

patty said...

Blooming computers eh! seems we are all having a degree of problems with laptops, internet etc! Glad to hear yours is sorted Vivienne.