Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Red Bag from the Green Rabbit!

Lucky me, look what the postman brought this morning, a parcel to open, doesn't it look nice.

Wowee, it's a beautiful hand knitted Nordic bag by the talented Green Rabbit designer Vivienne.

Vivienne is currently having a winter sale in her Etsy shop and I decided to snap up this lovely festive looking bag so that I can enjoy using it next winter (lets get this winter out of the way first)!
The bag is lined with a lovely tartan fabric and even has a couple of gadget pockets inside, it is just a lovely, beautifully made item and I think Bob the Bunny will enjoy riding inside it from time to time!
He's already taken a liking to it!

The bag complements a selection of other festive gifts I got with a red Nordic feel as you can see here, clockwise from bag, knitted cushion cover, Christmas jumper and M&S chocs.

You will find other lovely things knitted & crocheted by Vivienne via the link below. and the sale is on until end of Jan.
Thanks V x



Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is so lovely and all your gifts look lovely together. I had a small nordic drawstring fabric bag as a gift which I love. That Bob gets his nose into everything! Had to chuckle when I saw him peeking out of bag. Suzy x

Anne said...

The bag is gorgeous, and they all match together.I will check out her site thanks X

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe thank you Sally, you're very kind.
I'm so glad you're happy with it and of course Bob too, it's so good to get his seal of approval. :)
It really is a good match for your jumper.
Thanks again for the little mention, I appreciate it.
Have a lovely evening,
V x

patty said...

Bob is a very inquisitive rabbit, turn your back for a minute and he's into things!! Bit like having a naughty pet!