Wednesday, 1 February 2012

East Riding Artists update

I was having a fairly cold, miserable, unproductive sort of week until the postman came about 10 minutes ago, but that in a minute.
Have you seen that Co-op advert, "cold outside, freezing inside", I think it was some sort of frozen dessert they advertised at Christmas, well that strap line has stuck with me because it sums this house up completely. 
Some of the rooms here are only a few degrees up on the outside, all week and even with the heating on in the evening the lounge won't get above 11.6 degrees, it is so inefficient with the single glazing, draughts, gaps in doors and windows that a cold snap takes its toll on me doing anything much other than make soup! Only when the sun comes out will it start to defrost a bit. Anyway I say this every winter when it's cold so I won't go on.

Back to the ERA news, and I'm delighted to say my textile work has passed the assessment criteria and I'm a full member of ERA again. I just need to have this profile updated now and then I can move forward with my textile work.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well done Sally. :)
V x

lavender attic said...

Great news! Well done!
Sorry you are so cold at the mo, nothing worse than being unable to get warm. x

patty said...

Thank you both.
I find I can't do much with cold feet but I've just found hidden away in a cupboard one of those foot things where you put both feet in and plug it in for warmth, it's brill and will help me out whilst sat at my desk!