Thursday, 9 February 2012

Oh dear its snowing again!

The snow has been coming down in quite large flakes this afternoon and appears to be settling again. We are semi snowed in here and having been away 5 days and there being no post tells me that it's a re-run of last winter when the postman stopped coming down here as he got his van stuck once.
I don't think I'll see him again until it starts to thaw. It's all very annoying because living in a farm cottage you'd think the landlord farmer would get his tractor out and either scatter some salt or clear some snow to help his tenants go about their business. Oh no, that would be too much to ask, leave us to rot is more like it! Talk about treating us like peasants but it's true, this sort of class system still exists and is alive and kicking in rural East Yorkshire as I'm sure it is on many other farming estates throughout our land. Grrrrr! come the glorious day!

I'm pretty annoyed because over Christmas I was very well prepared and stocked up with a good stash of soya milk but now I'm just back from hols and couldn't prepare for this, I'm down to a couple of cartons of milk, and a few bits of veg in the fridge and 2 apples.... I have got lots of tinned stuff and a few bits in the freezer so we've not hit hard times yet.

Robbie is hovering about most of the day as he must have suffered a bit missing the snacks while I was away.

But what's this, a cheeky blackbird has spotted his stash!

They are having to share food.

Although it's causing some fights and there's lots of territorial tweeting out there!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

You're sounding a bit like 'Citizen Smith' Sally ~ 'come the revolution' ! ;)
V x

patty said...

You can call me "Wolfie" Vivienne! I do get frustrated when times are hard and I feel like we should all help our neighbours but some people think they are in too high a place to lower themselves to help the ordinary folk.

grace said...

love how you have used "tweeting" in the real sense; language has changed so much recently!