Saturday, 11 February 2012

Foodie things with Bob in Wales

Bob the Bunny hadn't been to Wales before so he packed his favourite red scarf, a few carrot sticks and he jumped into my rucksack for the journey.
Being an active little rabbit he was keen to seek out the legendary eatery known as Pete's Eats in Llanberis. A cafe well known by walkers, climbers and cyclists and one of the few spots to eat in Llanberis.

This is the fairly colourful main street although it's all a bit quiet at this time of year and it is suffering a bit with the trend in Wales for having quite a lot of boarded up shops which is a shame.

Ta da, Bob easily found the bright blue building which is Pete's Eats. And it's equally bright and friendly inside.

No picture of food as it was eaten too quickly but I had Red Dragon pie, a sort of lentil & bean shepherds pie. Nothing out of the ordinary but a reasonable choice of veggie options and great for a snack.

Next day Bob's destination was a cafe in Dolgellau called T H Roberts.

The cafe used to be an ironmongers and it's quite an interesting interior with the original solid wood counter, the shelves with lots of little drawers, and the original lamps which would have been gas lamps.

I tried the cappuccino, the homemade cakes looked fabulous but it was quite early in the morning so felt a bit naughty having something too indulgent so I settled for a scone.

My only criticism would be that it was a bit chilly inside and I think I'm quite tolerant of cold but it was chilly. I like to go into a cafe and take my coat off which I did but I noticed all the other customers and even a member of staff was wrapped in a scarf so I quickly wanted to wrap up again. They use quite darkly roasted beans in their coffees which are not quite to my taste. Interesting place though.

Day 3 and I took Bob to Machynlleth, one of my favourite places, known as the ancient capital of Wales and of course home to the Centre for Alternative Technology, MOMA, and to a few groovy shops including a fabric shop.

We had a quick whiz around the Celtic art exhibition in MOMA featuring Welsh, Scottish & Irish artists.

Then to show Bob my favourite eatery, the CAT cafe known as The Quarry, a very groovy place and I think it's all veggie food.

Bob's carrot supply had run out so we needed to have a big bowl of salad to share and it was quite yummy, served with lashings of warm ginger cordial in a big mug.

Very satisfying and that completes our little food & drink experience on this trip.


lavender attic said...

The second place looked lovely, shame it was chilly - it would put me off a bit too. Bob looked like he had a fab time in Wales!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I don't know how Bob keeps his figure!! :)
I totally agree about taking your coat off in a cafe/restaurant, it really should be comfortable enough to do so!
V x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Oh Bob, you are a well travelled bunny! Thanks for your comments on my garlands and I think you are probably right about the pottery. Suzy x