Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Who ordered the snow!!!

I turn my back for a few days and came home to snow and freezing temperatures tonight!
I managed to escape the flatlands of East Yorkshire for a lovely few days in glorious, sunny Wales but more of that when I download my photos.

Really dreaded coming back as I've been in a warm hotel where I didn't have to wear thermal vests and long johns like I do here on a day to day basis in winter. The house was 7 degrees when I came in at tea time and 4 hours with the heating on now and it's just scraped over 10 degrees and I'm back in my thermals. It amazes me how landlords get away with renting out properties in such a poor state this day and age but it comes down to a location and privacy thing here and whilst types like me continue to line their pockets with rent and not kick up a fuss then the cycle continues. I don't like conflict, I like a quiet life and I just want to get out of here as soon as I find the right opportunity.
Time to crank up the hot water bottles now!


Anne said...

You will need those hot water bottles, bed socks, extra blankets and fleecy pj's tonight it has forecast -12 for your part of the world tonight! Glad you enjoyed your break away, take care X

patty said...

Thanks Anne, I think I've got all those things, I even knitted a bed hat last year when it was bad so I must get that out too!

lavender attic said...

Hope you had a lovely break. I also cross my fingers that Spring will come (back) soon. Are you far off the beaten track, it sounds remote if the postie can't get to you? x