Monday, 20 February 2012

My weekends work, a Mollie Makes mouse!

I stayed in all weekend. Saturday was spent at my computer doing design work and I achieved what I set out to do, so Sunday I thought I'd relax and have a nice day crafting.
Little did I know this would take a bit longer and become a bit more stressful than I hoped!

Armed with the latest Mollie Makes magazine I was determined to have a go at the mice on the front. Aren't they sweet.

Now I've not really done toy making before as I'm put off by all the parts but I have to say this sounded simple enough for a first attempt and they were so cute I had to try. 
I selected some nice white linen fabric with a slight embroidery effect to it which I thought would give a lovely vintage effect, and pink polka dot for the body.

All the bits are chopped out and I'm feeling like this is going well.

I stitch up the limbs and this is where it gets a bit tricky, they are so tiny that it's hard to turn them right side out and I get a bit frustrated. It took me about an hour to turn these 4 limbs the right way & stuff them.

Break for lunch to attack it fresh in the afternoon!
I manage to work out the body and attach the limbs and you start to feel like you are getting somewhere as it takes a mousey shape.

However I was soon getting impatient, ...after I stitched the head parts and ears this is where it gets really tricky and it even says that in the magazine, they are referring to the fun and games you'll have turning the head right side out with the ears attached. I was faffing for ages and the more I tugged at it the fabric started to fray and stretch. It was at this point I wish the pattern had been 4 times as big to give you some flexibility to get a good grasp on the bits you were trying to pull through.
Eventually I did it. It was Sunday evening by then and I'd lost the good light and had had enough so I left the head and body parted!

I was feeling more positive again this morning so I got stuck in and gave my mouse features.

Here she is all joined together,..... at last!

She needed a dress, remember it's cold in here!
The fun bit was choosing the dress fabric. I'm not really into making small doll clothes, too fiddly, but I managed this effort, don't look closely as it's not very neat!

All done and I'm pleased I persevered as she's come out quite sweet. Will I make another, I'm not sure, probably not at this size.
Thanks to Jenny who shared this pattern with Mollie Makes, you can see her lovely mice on her blog. I think she must have more patience than me.


Anne said...

It might have been very fiddly to make but it has turned out beautifully! You are so clever!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

She's lovely Sally! :)
I do know what you mean about fiddly though, it's the same with knitted toys, so many small bits!!
V x

grace said...

well done, she is lovely! I was tempted to make this but thought it might require more patience than I have at the moment!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Well done for sticking with it. so sweet, I love her. Suzy x

patty said...

Thanks folks, I did feel a sense of achievement! I think I need to design my own kit, some creature or doll were I can determine how fiddly it will be!

BeckyWise. said...

So Cute and I love Mollie Makes! I bought the magazine recently and have always wanted to try and have a go at making small dolls or animals but I always get scared as it looks so hard. So I think I should have a go next weekend and face my fears! Your mouse looks wonderful and I love the dress. I think the favourite bit for me would be making the outfit outift!
-Becky x

Gillian said...

Hi there! I've just found your blog while looking for advice for these mice online. I embarked on two of these mice at the weekend (grrr). They're cute but SO fiddly. I was looking for advice for the boy trousers pattern as it makes no sense to me! Anyway, your mouse is amazing and looks a lot neater than mine (wonky ears...) so well done to you! Gillian x

Gillian said...

I've posted my mice put in a link back to your blog as an example of a good mouse and a really good tutorial! :-)