Monday, 27 February 2012

Hearts & devils

A strange blog post title but my weekend has been spent finishing the Mother's Day fabric hearts & doing some digital artwork of a devil.

I embroidered the fronts of my fabric hearts and stitched a bit of chopped up vintage linen on them too.

I stitched them up with some pretty rose fabric for the back and attached a small pouch of lavender on the outside. For these hearts I wanted the lavender on the outside so that it is easy to refresh and dab with lavender oil on the back so as it doesn't affect the embroidery threads on the front.

These are the finished hearts which are lightly stuffed with polyester filling.
Next step, list in Folksy shop.

The devil I'm working on is none other than the little Stonegate Devil of York, or as he is also known 'The Printer's Devil' (a nasty little rascal who would mix up and misspell type when this shop was a printers). Here's a work in progress with the devil photo I'm working from underneath.
This is part of a series of posters I'm working on with a York theme.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your little hearts are lovely Sally, good idea with the lavender too !
Maybe that's the devil that messes up my spelling. ;)
V x

Anne said...

I love the new hearts you have made.
The little devil pic looks like its going to be really good too.I cant draw for toffee!

patty said...

I think that little devil lives in my keyboard sometimes!
Hopefully when I add text to my poster their will be no typos!
Anne, If there's toffee on offer I'll try and draw anything!!

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

What gorgeous hearts, so cute, the devils rather cute too! Julie xxx

grace said...

lovely hearts, such a great idea to put the lavender outside! x