Friday, 23 March 2012

An Appointment with The Waterboys last night

Yesterday was a crazy day, it started when I met 2 old college chums who I hadn't seen for 20 years. We re-met by Facebook and then discussed the scary possibility of meeting again, but we did it! Other than stating the obvious that we are older and have filled out a bit, it was pretty much like it was back then, how can 20 years just disappear so quickly in the blink of an eyelid like that!
Nice to catch up.

Rushed home after that just to get changed, eat and head to York for the main event, The Waterboys gig, whooo hoo! I think it was 2004 when I last saw them which was also in York.

Whilst hanging around to be seated I decided to treat myself to the limited edition CD which is only available at the gigs and signed by Mike.
I had superb seats, right at the front and just feet away from the stage, it was an excellent view and the sounds was good. I took my little friend!

The first part of the set was classic Waterboys tunes, with magical fiddle playing by Mr Wickham.

The second part of the set was dedicated to the new album, An Appointment With Mr Yates, fantastic, with a particularly memorable performance wearing masks for Mad As The Mist & Snow.

The evening drew to a close with encores featuring Whole of the Moon & Fisherman's Blues, absolutely stonking live tracks and Bob bopped along to it. What an amazing evening we had. The Waterboys never disappoint when you see them live.


Richard said...

Glad to hear you both had a good time

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Glad you had a good time Sally!
I would have thought Bob was too young to remember the Waterboys but in my head I think I'm too young to remember them, sadly I'm not! ;)
Have a good weekend,
V x

BeckyWise. said...

Looks like you had a great time!
- Becky x