Friday, 30 March 2012

Art in the GARDEN - exhibition work 2

My other exhibition work for AIG is a textile collage inspired by Jackson's Wold Garden. I wanted to give my work an aged look because the flowers & butterflies in the cottage and kitchen gardens reminded my of vintage embroidered postcards.

For this work I used some of the dyed fabrics I did using the tea bags and food colours.
There are quite a few photos as I captured the work as the layers built up.

The main background is stained with tea and makes a nice base to work on.

I slowly introduce some coloured items and I like to include typography in my work.

Flowers start to appear using my blackberry tea bag stained fabric, and after much moving around I stitch things in place.

I'm nearly done at this stage.

I added a few more twiddly bits 'n bobs, french knots, a few small beads in amongst the flowers and I'd reached the point I needed to stop. It is quite a small piece of work, about A5 size and it wrinkles and becomes tricky to work with so I'd had enough!
If it was bigger I think I'd still be adding to it as it's difficult to know when to stop and you're never quite happy with these things but I'm quite pleased with it.

A few final photos of the detail.

I also used some of my surplus bits to make a small felted brooch which will also be on display with this work.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's gorgeous Sally and I have to agree knowing when to stop is a tricky thing but I think you've got it just right.
The typography looks great in among the little flowers!
Happy weekend Sally,
Vivienne x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is just so gorgeous! Suzy x

BeckyWise. said...

Beautiful, you are so talented!
- Becky x

Shaheen said...

Typography is new to me and I have to say 'Wow' its absolutely stunning. I really love it, its amazing how from a blank canvas to the birds, flowers how it grows into a beautiful piece of work. Will you be sellign this. I'd love it!
You really are a talented missy x