Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Latest on the robins

Very cold and windy today, the jumpers and layers are back on but I suppose we should think ourselves lucky that no snow has appeared like further north.

The birds and the bunnies had all been doing spring things last week but now winter has made a brief return to mine and their routine.

Both Robbie & Ruby are as lovely and friendly as ever and we have reached new levels of trust and friendship, more so with Robbie, Ruby can be a bit timid.

As you may recall they appear quite regularly at meal times and when I open the curtains I can now tap on the window and Robbie flies up to my window ledge to see me and wait whilst I come down to feed him.
Here he is looking inquisitively

He looks right up at me to have his picture taken!

Robbie will go and hunter gather food for Ruby, I often see him giving her a juicy worm or fly.

Of course he takes the easy pickings of what I put out too.

Have you seen those wildlife programmes where if you sit very still and act like a tree and put some food on your arm the birds will come and feed. Well we've gradually managed that here with Robbie, obviously not wanting to make him too tame, but if you sit near the food dish and stretch out your hand with some food in and stay still, he will come and take a couple of pieces.
Excuse the poor quality photo as it came from a video I was making from my view inside the house but here he is taking a piece.

Ruby won't come this near but it's a lovely privilege to see little Robbie up close. Nice to enjoy these moments whilst they last as once the babies are here I guess we won't see them as much and then they tend to disappear over summer when food is abundant.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe that is so sweet. They are so beautiful, what a privilege to have them so close.
Although it always bothers me when animals become too trusting, it's like the squirrels in the park, the problem is not every human is nice!
Enjoy them while you can, as you say when they become mum and dad, they'll be busy. Although with Robbie you may have a friend for life.
V x

patty said...

Hi V,
Yes it's a dilemma isn't it on how friendly you get with wild creatures, like you say, he'll soon be too busy with his own family to bother about our friendship.
I look at it this way, British robins are naturally very friendly, one good thing about living here it's very private and I believe my neighbours feed him too, and there are absolutely no cats.
I'll miss the robins when I eventually leave, after all this is their garden more than mine.
The last place I lived, I made friends with a blackbird who was like a pet, when I moved I left the new tenant a supply of food and details of their feeding habits. Rather nicely I had a call from the tenant months later saying they were sticking with it and feeding the birds!

Blossom said...

Lovely set of pictures!
I've been surprised lately when pottering in the garden when noticing just how close a robin has come unbeknownst - even had to discourage one (or possibly the same one) from inspecting the inside of the garage. Wouldn't have liked to accidentally trap one inside. Also saw one on the neighbour's roof, which was as first at seeing one so high - or have I been unobservant before?

Anne said...

Robins have a reputation of being the most social birds.If you are digging the soil sometimes they will come and perch nearby swooping down if they see a nice worm pop have made friends there!