Thursday, 19 April 2012

Art in Garden - cold day staffing exhibition

Yesterday I did my days volunteering to staff the Triton Gallery at Sledmere. 
I knew it was a cold place but on a day when it didn't stop raining all day it just felt even colder and more miserable. With my long johns, vest, thermal socks, layers, coat, scarf & gloves, I was transported right back to winter!
There are no windows as such other than one at the door when you walk in so no natural sunlight ever gets in for some passive heat, there are holes in the roof, no radiators (we have a small fan heater to huddle up to) and in summer you might see the odd mouse scuttle along as it's an old barn in a farmyard. 
Other than that it's great!

I had company in the morning for a bit of chit chat with another artist but was alone for the afternoon session. Unbeknown to us, Sledmere House opening times are still limited until the summer season and it was shut yesterday, that wasn't good because it meant we had no toilet facilities and no option to pop over to the cafe for warm refreshments. Fortunately I had a flask although I did pace myself incase I wanted to spend a penny but relief, literally, came in the form of Sledmere staff at about 3pm who came to inform me they had forgotten to open the gates to make available the loos.

We tally the visitors to the exhibitions, I had 4, not surprising given the weather, the day before they had 16 although the house had been open which would draw more people in.

Here are some more of the artworks:

The one above in the middle reminds me of some 1960's barkcloth curtains we used to have in our caravan when I was a kid. Funny how something just reminds you of that.

I took some wool to keep myself busy but my hands ended up too cold for anything much, I did these little crochet flowers.

Still raining today!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely art, what a shame you didn't get more visitors. At least you have some flowers to show for your day.
It's been beautiful here today but they say rain is on the way, blooming Atlantic, I wish they'd move it!!!
V x

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
We went to Sledmere last year, and turned up on one of the closed days! We ended up at Wharram Percy instead - interesting for me, but not a teenager! I must visit this year. The artwork looks amazing, and your textile piece is so beautiful. A few years ago we visited Burton Agnes when Selina Thorp was artist in residence - I think art is a great addition to the attraction of stateley homes. Sally x

patty said...

Anyone thinking of going to Sledmere for the house or gallery this year, do please check the Sledmere website for opening times as it looks like they have changed the open days for the house this year and you'd hate to be disappointed like Sally.
Wharram Percy is an interesting alternative though, albeit without a tearoom or toilets!

BeckyWise. said...

The gallery looks lovely and I love your sweet crocheted flowers! - Becky Xx