Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Google, Haberdashery & vintage finds

Isn't Google brilliant today, it's an opening zip. Where would all us crafters be without zips (although I must say I'm not great at putting in zips so try to use other fasteners in preference) but thank you to Gideon Sundback for creating them back in 1913.

To continue on a sewing, haberdashery, fabric theme I'm just about to get going with some new work for a forthcoming exhibition with the title Menagerie at Gallery 49 in Bridlington. I'm in a bit of a whirl at the moment for getting something done as I need to take work by the 3rd May and as yet I haven't started work, other than get some bits of stuff out this morning.

Whilst routing around for things I found this lovely woven ribbon I haven't used yet.

I think the back is almost as lovely as the front.

Here are some fairly recent charity shop finds which may find a use in the artwork.

Excellent quality Anchor silks just 20p ea. Below are vintage hankies gathered over the months and I have a few ideas for chopping them up to make things.

It's funny how your taste can change, I didn't used to like crinoline ladies but I really liked this tablecloth, it was almost immaculate until I washed it and then some holes appeared in the cloth, I guess it's the age and it was thin in places, maybe I should hand wash next time.

These are just some lovely and very cheap things I found in the under a £1 section in a charity shop in Brid. We have teapot cover things and little lace coasters.

And finally, to finish on a haberdashery theme, I just loved this resin & button jewellery which is in the gift shop at Wolds Village, Bainton. 


grace said...

lovely bits and bobs, the resin button jewellery is fab....and so is google today! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love the ring Sally, it really is lovely. :)
You're very good at finding things, I have to say, all I ever see is junk!!
As for zips, where would we be without them but as for inserting them, it frightens me!!!
V xxxx