Thursday, 19 April 2012

Does anyone remember Merrytimes Club?

I was looking for something earlier and as is usually the case, I can't find the thing I'm looking for but I do find some other interesting thing.

Well this has certainly taken me on a nostalgia trip to the late 60's & early 70's, I wonder if anyone else remembers or was a member of the MerryTimes Club?
It was run by one of the national newspapers, I can't remember which and it would seem too obvious to think it was The Times.
I vividly remembered the little pixie illustration on the toadstool and it's probably why I kept this as I was very into pixies & fairies.

As a member you had a small enamel badge & you would receive this same little blue & yellow postcard every year when it was your birthday, sent to you by Uncle MerryTimes.  (see reverse of card below).

What a shame times have changed so much and things like this have died a death. Not that kids would be interested these days but it was a real treat for us when our MerryTimes card dropped through the letterbox.

By an amazing stroke of luck, I also found the little enamel badge in one of my boxes of badges, both card & badge are now safely reunited as a lovely keepsake.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I don't remember that Sally, it sounds like something I would have been into but no it doesn't ring a bell with me!
Good for you for still having it, I still don't know where my Blue Peter badge went to! :(
V xxxxxx

patty said...

HI Vivienne, fantastic, a Blue Peter badge, I always tried for one of those but never succeeded, it may turn up one day!
I once had a picture shown on The Gallery on Take Hart, I think that was my biggest claim to fame as a kid! Always wanted a Jim'll Fix it badge!
I was a Tufty club member but I think my Tufty badge has long gone.