Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cupcakes - Spring / Easter flavour idea

Rose Cupcakes with Coconut Ice Frosting

I made these cupcakes the other day and thought they had quite a nice spring / easter feel to them. I was going to put the recipe down but I decided not to in the end because I made the cupcakes as vegan cupcakes and to be honest vegan cupcakes are quite battery & moist and not everyone's cup of tea when it comes to a fluffy bun.

However I'll tell you what flavourings I added which seemed to work nicely together.

Using any cupcake recipe I added a tablespoon of rose water once you have it mixed into a batter. I also added a hint of pink food colouring as I was going with a rosey / pink theme here, and if you wonder what the black flecks are in the picture I sometimes like to add poppy seeds to my buns but they don't really add much to this recipe.

Once baked, allow to cool and make the coconut ice frosting. As you can see the pink food colouring is quite subtle, maybe should have added a bit more.

As a quick guide to coconut ice frosting I softened some unsalted butter and added sifted icing sugar, taste checking every now and again to see I got the sweetness I wanted. Add a little  pink colouring and then add your dessicated coconut until you have a nice consistency. If it gets too thick add a tad of milk or cream to loosen.

Now the fun bit, lavish the frosting on top of your cakes, I sprinkled with a bit more coconut and veggie jelly decorations which I believe I found in Waitrose.
Tah da!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They look great Sally!! I have always just sprinkled my coconut on top of my icing but it's a nice idea to mix it through, must try that next time. Never ever tried rose water before either.
Good find with the jellies too. :)
V x

Crafted by Carly said...

Hi Patty,
I've only just discovered your blog - and I'm so happy that I stopped by. I love it here, and I'll definitely be visiting again! It's always so exciting to find new blogs to love!!! :-)
Those cupcakes look VERY yummy!!! The pink icing is so pretty, and I love those little jelly bits!
Until next time.....

patty said...

Hi Carly, nice to 'meet' you here and thanks for calling by my blog and leaving some lovely feedback. I will be sure to check out yours over the weekend. x

Shaheen said...

MMm i love the look of these, may have to adapt them with a bit of rhubarb :)

BeckyWise. said...

They look very yummy! I like that you have used coconuts! - Becky x