Friday, 9 March 2012

National Pie Week

As it's National Pie Week what better excuse do I need to make a lovely, comforting veggie pie and as I type it's just come out of the oven & smells delish!

I will link you across to Shaheen's lovely blog where I've taken the pie from and you can find all the details of the pie as mine has been adapted a bit. Thanks Shaheen, I can't wait to have it for tea tonight.

The pie is Caerphilly cheese, leek & potato.

I've had to adapt the pie with what I had in the house due to not being able to find any Caerphilly cheese in Driffield. I went as close to the south west as I could with Gloucester!

Whilst the potatoes were cooking I chopped the onions, leeks & garlic.

Cooked down the oniony things and once they are cool I added the cheese and cooled potatoes & things.

This is where I've had to cheat, didn't have time to make pastry. As some of you know I also have problems with the oven not being as hot as it should be so there was no way I could do a proper pie with pastry all around as it wouldn't cook.
So, I've opted for a pot pie with just a pastry lid. Here they are naked.

And, ta dah! Here they are all cooked up and waiting to be eaten! I'm curious how they would be if I actually had the Caerphilly so as I'm in York tomorrow I will seek out the LoveCheese shop if there's time and see if they've got some.

Totally unrelated but Shaheen if you see this, here is my pottery class bird bath. the robins wouldn't pose in it,! It's a bit grubby now but still does the job and it's nice and deep for the birds to swim in!


Anne said...

Mmm! that pie looks gorgeous, I didnt know it was pie week!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

No one told me it pie week!!!!!
Yours look wonderful, bet they tasted delicious!
Happy weekend,
Vivienne x

BeckyWise. said...

Yummy I must try this recipe, looks veggy delicious! ;)
I never knew it was national pie week, thanks for letting me know! I shall celebrate by baking pies.
It was national woman's day a few days ago to! I also love your bird bath! It looks similar to the one my nan made in pottery years ago, she added mushrooms and everything!
- Becky x

Shaheen said...

Oh wha a wonderful surprise to stumble upon this post. Made me smile bigtime. Love your variation of the pie and the star topping next to the Welsh tea-towel I see :) Loving it. PS I too did not know it was Pie Week, perhaps because it is often related to meat.

Thank you so much for sharing your Bird Bath, it is utterly gorgeous and I totally understand why you did not want to part with it, as well as having made it yourself. Shame about the robin not posing.

If its okay with you, I will link this post from my the original blog entry. So fellow bloggers can see different variations of the pie.

patty said...

Shaheen, lovely and glad you like the pie, teatowel (charity shop find!) & bird bath, do feel free to link my post.