Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Robin latest and some makes

After a sharp frost this morning it has been quite spring like and things are starting to happen with the animals outside, namely the rabbits are doing mad chasing each other stuff and wait for it, my little friend Robbie the robin has a lady friend! I'm calling her Ruby, they've been flying & tweeting together for about a week but I find it difficult to get a photo of both together as they seem to come down for food in turns.

But here we have some evidence, not a great photo but they both wait on the gate for me to put seeds out. Sometimes first thing in a morning they are so peckish that they fly up to the window when they see the curtain opening as if to ask me to come down and feed them.

This was the best shot I could get, Robbie is on the top step, he seems to eat first and then calls his lady over.... I wouldn't put up with that sexist attitude but she seems happy to take her turn!
They're fun to watch though.

Not been a bad day, quite productive in fact.
I had a lovely little package from a friend this morning consisting of some vintage floral postcards which I believe are Swiss and a pretty cotton flower motif.

I have also had chance for a few 'makes' in between work.

These are some brooches I'm just finishing off using my Welsh woven fabric, need to embellish a few beads on.

I love making pin cushions and here's a new one in a Victorian, Suffolk puff style with some heart fabric I picked up quite cheaply in a local shop yesterday.
I quite like this style so think I'll do some for my Folksy shop.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe the little robins are so sweet, I hope you get some robin babies as they are just the cutest little things!
Love the new makes, the pincushion is lovely. :)
V x

BeckyWise. said...

Aww, I love robins! Young robin love! We are starting to see the wildlife come out now recently. We now have bluetits nesting in our bird box in our garden. They are the sweetest! And your brooches and pincushions look adorable!
- Becky x

Anne said...

I adore the robins in your garden, they are just the cutest of all garden birds.
Your pincushions are fab too.

patty said...

Yes baby robbies would be lovely, now there's a challenge to try and photograph them if I get to see them.
Becky I imagine you have a cute little bluetit box with bunting outside it!

grace said...

what a gorgeous gate, leading to a 'secret' garden - so lovely! Pretty pincushion too

patty said...

Grace, interesting you thought it a 'secret garden' as I do have a thing about secret gardens and they sometimes feature in my designs.

Shaheen said...

Oh I am envious of your robins. I miss mine (and the blue tits) in Scotland, your right they are a joy to watch.

I love what you have done with your welsh fabric - the brooches are pretty cool.