Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ART in the GARDEN - exhibition work

AIG Exhibition 2012 - Triton Gallery, Sledmere. Sunday 15th Apr - 27th
Opening times: Tues - Fri 11am - 4pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm
The exhibition has been announced for the artwork which we've been doing based on the gardens visited last year.
I visited a lovely colourful place, high in the Yorkshire Wolds called Jacksons Wold Garden. I'll show you some pictures of the pretty house and the gardens.

I found the house particularly inspiring, it was the ice-cream like colours, the exterior walls are a delicate peachy colour and the roof is lilac, set amongst the strong shades of green.
Here are some more views of the cottage gardens.

A tranquil pond to sit and contemplate by.

The photos and a few sketches were my research & I've produced 2 types of work. I've done my digital style posters featured here and some textile work which I'll do as another post.

My poster starts out as a simple line drawing based on a photo & done on a graphics tablet. Looking back, that part is relatively quick to do. The laborious task is filling in the detail (especially leaves & plants), selecting the colours and 'painting' it up.
I got there eventually and added some nice, crisp typography. I set out to do one poster in the lovely colours which originally inspired me and then I messed about a bit with some sepia shades and ended up with a second, more aged looking poster.
Here they are printed up,

Problem: I can only choose one poster to exhibit and now I can't decide whether I prefer, the sepia one...

or the colourful one...

anyone want to suggest which!!! 
I may be influenced by the majority.

The textile work will be visible soon.


Blossom said...

Gone back and forth on these, the second one is bright and colourful and could appear in today's Country Living or the like, but kept going back to the sepia version. This is so much more atmospheric and evocative of a 1930s country house - one I'm drawn to go and see. So, sepia one for me, please.
There, that's my two penn'orth!
x B

greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're both great Sally but for what it's worth my favourite is the colourful one!
What a stunning place, I think I could happily live there!
V x

patty said...

THank you both for the feedback, appreciate that.
B, I did the colourful one first and was happy with that until I saw the sepia one but I didn't know if it was that thing you experience where the newest piece of work ends up being the one you currently prefer.
V, I then went back to what drew me to it and thought of the colourful one.
I then tried to think about the people whose garden it was and what they might prefer and I was going to email them and ask which they thought would represent the essence of their garden best, blah di blah!
Anyway, to put you out of your misery, and undecisive me too, I happened to ask if there was any spare gallery space to have both in and it turns out there is! Great, I can hang both and not worry about choosing.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

I was going from one to the other for a while as I like them both but in the end my choice was the one with colour. Suzy x

Anne said...

Hi Sally, I prefer the colourful one too.Jackson Wold is a fabulous place to visit and I went with friends a couple of years ago to one of the open garden sessions.Its stunning and I would recommend visiting it to anyone. Your pictures are wonderful.Clever lady.X

patty said...

Interesting the colourful one seems the popular choice, thank you all for the comments.

Anne it's great to hear that you know what Jacksons Wold is like, it's certainly worth a visit. Did you have tea in the barn? I had a lovely caramel slice and bought some of their eggs which were most delicious.