Friday, 16 March 2012

Weekend reading

The sound of lawn mowers has been driving me mad this morning, what is it with people so frantic to have their first grass cutting when it's still damp & mossy on the bit of grass here. As far as I'm concerned I don't like to even think about it until Easter time, it only prolongs, the long enough grass cutting season which is such a chore. I hate cutting the grass and I want to live in a way where I eventually don't have to cut grass and I can have a wild, messy, vegetable garden.

Anyway to escape that whirring mower noise I nipped out for a magazine, how did you guess... Mollie Makes. I was parked near the library so I went in because sometimes it's rubbish, other times quite good.

There were quite a few different craft books today. Not that my head isn't already spinning with ideas I want to churn out but I couldn't resist bringing these home.

Weaving is something I struggle with, I have a couple of small looms but I never seem to successfully cast off so I hope this book shows me.

There are some luscious boxes in this book.

Nice stitch ideas & techniques in here.

Have a good weekend everyone.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Have a lovely weekend Sally, you've plenty of reading material anyway! :)
V x

Anne said...

Looks like someone is going to be busy this weekend. Enjoy it!

grace said...

I agree with you about lawn mowers......escape with your lovely books and mollie makes x