Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cat festive cards & other nice new things

It seems there's no escape from Christmas things in the shops and I realised I've already bought one or two festive things and some other lovely things, mainly books, which will help with the Christmas 'making'.

I wanted to show you these lovely, simple, yet exquisite cat cards which are available at the Art & Rose Gallery in Pocklington. Art & Rose have designed and produced these cards so I think the quantities are limited, the pack has 8 cards of 4 designs.

Also from Art & Rose, this beautiful ceramic angel decoration with feathers by local artist Shirley Vauvelle. Another limited collection.
I do like to have a few new and unusual decorations each year.

Moving away from designer decorations to bargain basement decorations, I found some very nice, Scandi style bits and pieces in Wilkinsons. This little tin robin with mistletoe was only about £1.50, they also had lots of folk art hearts, reindeers etc.

I couldn't resist these socks, I will never be able to knit socks and even if I could it would take forever and not be cost effective so these were quite a nice treat from White Stuff.

I found some excellent book bargains in The Works.

Another new book is this crochet one, I think I can manage the 'easy' rated patterns!
This book was a rather unexpected surprise in a way. Following an incident in Hobbycraft which lead to me writing a letter of complaint, I was the lucky recipient of an apology from the store manager and £24 worth of vouchers for my inconvenience so I got a few nice things.

This is a new M & S coat in my favourite shade of purple, it is sort of an early Christmas pressie as family members said they would contribute to some of the cost (we'll see if my sis gets her purse out, it's usually full of moths!).

Rather annoyingly I bought the coat in Harrogate a couple of weeks ago as they didn't have my size in my M & S store, I haven't even worn it yet and what happens.... I went in my store the other day and they had lots in my size now and with £20 off the original price I paid, grrrrrr! Don't you just hate it when that happens and you've not even worn the coat yet.

Here are some crochet silks and ribbon which my folks brought me back from Spain the other week.

Final pic, a little doodle embroidery I am working on for something festive.

It looks like I've had lots of nice presents already from Santa as I look back at these photos.


Anne said...

LOvely things on your post today Sally. Can you take the coat back and get a new one £20 cheaper? Especially if you havent worn it, there shouldnt be a problem.

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Just thinking the same as Anne, return it then buy it again! Naughty M&S it makes me cross.
Ooh I'm intrigued by the 'incident' in Hobbycraft!! Tell me more!
Some gorgeous things, I especially like the ceramic angel as I love feathers. I might put our tree up tomorrow- I'm going all out for a kitsch 1970s tree!
Have a lovely weekend, Sally x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I see the two ladies above have been thinking along the same lines as myself. Take the coat back Sally and then buy it again you won't be breaking any rules!!!!
So many lovely things, I love the cat cards and the little robin (what a bargain)! Great crochet book too.
White Stuff and The Works are two of my favourite shops!
Enjoy your weekend,
V xxxxx

patty said...

Hello all, you know I just assumed because I bought the M&S coat at a store I'm not likely to go to in the near future that I'd cut the tags off and just get on with wearing it. I guess I'll live and learn with this one!
Sally, the Hobbycraft incident was me trying to present a voucher which I'd cut out of Mollie Makes magazine and some girl on the till having no customer service skills when the till rejected it. She did nothing to resolve the situation or seek help from a senior member when the amount wasn't deducted from my total and said there was nothing she could do. I went home and did a complaint letter and it paid off.
Your 70's Christmas is sounding fab, will look out for pics on your blog.
V, White Stuff is great for unusual accessories isn't it.