Monday, 12 November 2012

Stock which has gone to Gallery 49

I think that is me done regards providing the galleries with some Christmas stock. I delivered these latest goodies to Gallery 49 in Bridlington last Friday.

There was a selection of brooches which I have probably shown before but these were 3 new abstract Harris Tweed ones.

I made some of the little fabric wraps which you use on your recycled baked bean cans or jam jars to make a pretty pencil pot.
I used my butterfly fabric for these:

I also did some which used my vintage memories fabric, I incorporated some embellished rubber stamped bits of fabric and the inside lining had rubber stamping too.

And the ice cream van fabric got used on one too.

With whatever time and resources I've got left, and if my hands aren't too cold for making stuff I will try and rattle out a few more things for my Folksy shop.

I've just done these Scandi style wraps and listed them as a pack of 3 in the shop.

I haven't finished my nutcracker man textile picture as I'm having trouble deciding what background to stitch him onto. These are just 2 of about 6 combinations! Hopefully I'll get him done before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You've been busy Sally, I love the brooches and the Scandi wraps. :)
V x

Anne said...

Gorgeous makes Sally as ever. I expect this is one of your busiest times of year.

patty said...

Thank you both.
Yes it does get a bit busier at this time of year Anne and I had the good news today that the Harris Tweed brooches are selling well at one of the galleries so might need to make some more.