Friday, 30 November 2012

Been away & returned to hassles!

Why is it, (it seems) that every time I go away for a few days I return to a load of hassle!
I've been on a whirlwind trip to Skye and I come back to the central heating on the blink which equals do battle with landlord to get it sorted. And I've come back to a nightmare with a job I left for printing. On this occasion the print job is mine and fortunately not for a customer.
It was my Christmas cards which I thought I'd found a good deal with an online printer in Germany but the hassle has come at the point of delivery. The courier, DPD, claim to have attempted to deliver the parcel on 2 consecutive days but say I was out, I was definitely in, they also claim to have left a calling note but that is not the case either. Somewhere along the lines they have either gone to the wrong house or not even visited this place. The long and short of it is the parcel has now been returned to sender in Germany, the printer now wants me to pay more to have it redelivered but why should I when I was in and it was the courier who has failed to supply the goods and therefore the fault is with them.

Anyway, the battle is ongoing to get my cards back over here. Could really do with them soon as December is upon us and I thought I was doing really well this year getting my cards done early.

Some pics and notes from my trip will follow when I get on top of things.

Have a good weekend folks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hate things like that they're infuriating!! Hope it gets sorted soon!
Hope you're warm too!
It's the weekend though, so have some fun. :)
V xxx